100% Silicone Oil Treadmill Lubricant

In order to keep your new Treadmill Belt in peak condition, apply 100% Silicone Oil lubricant to the deck regularly.

We recommend to apply the 100% Silicone Oil also known as Silicone Grease, Treadmill Lubricant to the deck on installation of the new belt

Maintenance of treadmills

At home, many, unfortunately, forget to give timely service and lubricate the equipment, which often leads to breakdowns and even causes injuries during training.

Proper care of the treadmill is not just about choosing the right place, connecting to the network and setting up the software. It is very important to lubricate the treadmill on time.

100% Silicone Oil for treadmills can be used for both home gyms and commercial sports centers. It should be understood that the equipment in these two cases is exposed to different load intensities. Treadmill Running Belts recommends to use 100% Silicone Oil every 20-30 hours of treadmill use

In some cases, the oil may be needed earlier, if the condition of the deck is almost dry and after running the canvas is very hot. It is enough to lift the treadmill and run your hand over the deck – you will immediately feel the need to update the oil.

Silicone Oil Protects your Treadmill Motor and Treadmill Deck while lowering your power bill

Simply lubricating your treadmill can reduce its power consumption (and strain on the motor) by 10% to 30%. A $19.95 silicone oil will pay for itself in less than a year on electricity savings alone, not to mention the avoidance of a potential costly motor replacement. The treadmill board is a laminated product and friction increases when this lamination begins to break down. Sheer stresses from walking on the board contribute to the delamination process

100% Silicone Oil for treadmills

Treadmill Running Belts sells High-quality 100% Silicone Oil for treadmills and is sold in 1000 grade viscosity oil form for the best results for your treadmill.

100ml 100% Silicone Oil small bottle $19.95

250ml 100% Silicone Oil large bottle $39.95

$8.95 Delivery anywhere in Australia

$14.95 Delivery International

You can buy it from our website www.runningbelts.com.au/product/100-silicone-oil anytime.

Please refer to the owner’s manual for any further instructions.



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